Our challenge blog is closed

It's with a heavy heart that both the Bleeding Art and Steampunk Challenge Blog will be closed. I have an elderly father with COVID and other physical issues and must attend to his needs. If we do reopen at some point, we will certainly post about it. Winners for November will be notified through their social media sites. I want to thank my prize sponsors for being a part of this adventure. 


  1. I wish you strenght in this difficult time. Hope your father will het better. Despite of all that I wish you merry Christmas.
    Stay safe & healthy
    jolanda xx

  2. It's a hard time and I understand how you are trying to cope with it all as I lost my father in April and my mother was found to have covid too and was in hospital for eight weeks but even at 92 she is better now and back to some normality ordering me around Lol! Take care and hope you have a happy Christmas. Hugs, Angela xXx

  3. Sorry to read this! This virus has a lot to answer for... I hope your father beats it and you get some normality back soon.

  4. So Sorry...we understand family is your top priority. Hugs!


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